Saturday, 12 July 2008


I updated my iPhone to OS version 2 yesterday, and the ability to install applications has made me fall in love with my iPhone all over again. Some of the really cool apps i have installed: Facebook - Obviously! Myspace - Maybe I'll start to like the place now (doubtful) PhoneSaber - Stupid but loads of fun, generates Star Wars Ligth Saber sound effects to the movements of the phone. It's so cool! Shazam - The reason I started writing this post in the first place!! It listens to music that is playing and identifies it. It's really knocked my socks off. Excellent for identifying a song on the TV or Radio. I've tried it on numerous tracks and it's identified every one after about 15 seconds of listening. This is a seriously impressive little application. Damn I can't put my iPhone down!!! In other news, the madness that was the yesterday with regards to the release of iPhone 3G... Pete unfortunately didn't get one despite being up early and at the Apple shop before they opened. The O2 network literally ground to a halt and signing people up for contracts became impossible. He was in the queu and gauranteed one, but unfortunately couldn't wait all day because of work, so had to leave. He went back a few hours later and the guy that was behind him in the queu still didn't have one yet, and they were still having problems. So he came home empty handed and disappointed.

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