Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Afternoon off

Soaking up some sun on an afternoon off.

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budgiesmith said...

It's the burnished red, the colour behind the Canon, that's the one.....

Thanks for your comments....Thanks Violet! I went to Woollies to buy milk (they do this great and creamy Ayrshire milk). After speaking to the singing lady, I headed straight for Adams Bookstore & emerged 20min later with 3 books: 'New Theories of Everything'by John D Barrow, 'The Secret Pulse of Time' by Stefan Klein and the one I have quoted from: 'The Plastic Mind' by Sharon Begley, who is a science columnist at Newsweek. The book is about the dialogue between the Dalai Llama and traditional cognitive scientists. I will write more about this to you if you are interested. budgie

My running track. Heaven! #fb

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